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Am I the right photographer for you?

It may sound crazy but I am not going to say I am everyone's favorite photographer - for me, it's about having a connection and my clients being happy and relaxed when I am shooting them. If I have their trust and confidence in my abilities to take the perfect photo, they can be themselves and I can capture images that they will treasure forever. That means that not everyone is my client and that for some people another photographer may be better suited to them in terms of how they work or their style of photography.

Professional Photographer in Lethbridge

So why would you choose me over all the other photographers out there? I am a professional, trained, full-time photographer in the Lethbridge area. I am also an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada. I am fully insured and I pride myself on my capturing your memories. I have backup photography equipment (and backup of the backup!) and I also have a circle of colleagues who I trust to stand in for me if I am ill. 

Passionate about photography

I love my work! I came to photography when I became a mom to our two boys. It's been nine years now.

I am very passionate about my work - every image is special and I will go to extremes at times to get the images! I enjoy getting to know the people I am shooting, understand any concerns that they may have being photographed, and working with them to eliminate these. I love it when I get to work with clients through the years and help them celebrate all those special milestones.

Whether it's a newborn baby or a wedding, a childhood capture, or a moment shared between parent and child - they are all unique and fleeting moments that I can photograph for you. The images I capture will mean you can treasure those moments, both big and small, forever. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing my clients smile when they see their photos displayed at home or in the office, in their day-to-day lives.

Perfecting camera techniques, angles, and processing

I aim to capture in camera rather than doing lots of additional Photoshop work in my post-processing. So I have trained hard to know the right angles to shoot from, how to use light sources, and what the best poses are to show my clients off to their best. With that said, post-processing of the images is still an important part of the photography process. Post-processing takes time and I will check each photograph to make sure it is the best quality it can be before I show the final set of images to my photography clients.

I also invest time in pre-meets for wedding photography clients and pre-conversations for family photoshoots. These pre-meetings make sure I am familiar with all of the family members and/or who I will be photographing and make sure I will get the best photos of them on shoot day!

It's not just turning up on the day and shooting for X minutes - my work starts well before the shoot and ends after much attention to detail of the final images, a viewing, client selection of their images, and then making sure the final product that they choose is perfect!

 The main reason why you should choose me as your photographer

My many years of experience and passion for photography are still not the reason why you should choose me as your photographer!

The main reason to pick me as your photographer is that you want a friendly, relaxed, skilled, thoughtful, passionate, hard-working, and adaptable, photographer. From getting to know me better through some of the things I have put here combined with seeing my work have clicked with you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. As I said before, one of my main priorities it's to create a relaxed, friendly environment where you feel safe and comfortable. If you are interested in finding out what photographs we can create together, I look forward to speaking to you very soon!

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